We have ended the Samsung reseller program.

The Samsung reseller program has come to an end! But fear not. We have replaced it with something better! we now offer a course that will teach you how to start and run your own cell phone repair business. Including all of the tools & sources we use!

Who is the course for?

After years of being asked, “Marcus, how can I create a business like this” I finally have decided to teach everything I have learned over my seven years in the industry! This course is for anyone tired of working a 9-5, who wants to travel the world and live an unlocked life!

Alternatively, it is also very useful for current shop owners and people already in the industry! If you are looking to decrease unlock costs & Improve your online footprint!

What will you learn from the course?

The Unlockhustle course will teach you exactly how to create a company just like this one! A company that can operate remotely & generates you well into the 6-Figure range!

The course content:

Section 1: Introduction to the unlock market

Section 2: Creating your unlock brand

Section 3: Getting your website online

Section 4: Unlock Tools & Resources

Section 5: Finding your first customers

Section 6: Mistakes to Avoid

Section 7: Bonus content!

How can you sign up?

Easy! Just head over to unlockhustle.com and Reserve your spot! The course is currently in the pre-sale phase! It will fully launch. January 01, 2023 @ 11:00 PM

We are only accepting 100 Students! 

Reserve your spot at Unlockhustle.com