Our company has the goal of putting the power back into Android users’ hands by offering unlock services on-demand at an affordable rate. We believe in your right to choose how you use your device.

We’ve been there: frustrated with our technology, and the poor customer service phone companies provide. It can be complicated to get what you really want.We offer two main services: factory reset protection removal and carrier unlocking.
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How we began

In 2015, CEO of UnlockJunky Marcus was employed with Metro PCS, a T-Mobile-owned phone retailer. He faced a new challenge after Google installed an update for all Android devices to include Factory Reset Protection. Confused Metro customers began returning to the store for help gaining back access to their phones, only to leave frustrated because of the restrictions placed on them.

Marcus decided to take matters into his own hands and used his free time outside of
work to learn the secret to fixing his customers’ problems. Instead of turning them away, he helped and unwittingly built a customer base for himself. In the same year, thanks to word of mouth, he was able to open his own business and quit retail.

Since then, UnlockJunky has grown into a small team of technologically savvy people. We are proud to continue to be of direct help to the public, and confident that you will be satisfied working with us throughout every step of the process. 

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Marcus Favors

I founded Unlockjunky based on a real need! Their was an abundance of people who were not being served by the larger cooperations! I decided to take matters into my own hands.

When i'm not unlocking phones you can find me Traveling, Reading, painting or enjoying some extreme sport like rock climbing or long boarding!